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Zurich is one of the most traditional insurance companies in the world, but it is innovating every day.

What few people know is that Zurich is innovating every day in all its Ecosystems, home, motor travel, small businesses and many others.
The world of insurance for a long time was known as a boring and tiring kind of business. Zurich is one of the most traditional companies in this market, and is innovating every day, with applications and new ways to use and hire your insurance.

But few people know this and often they are not interested in the subject because they have the impression that the world of insurance is still boring.

The biggest problem was to create in an attractive and entuitive way a way to demonstrate this innovation.
What they have before?
Before the creation of this landing page all the information was disconnected in different portals and it was extremely complex to find.
First Steps
One of the biggest challenges of this project was to take the first step and understand exactly how we were going to present Zurich's new solutions.

Unfortunately we couldn't carry out any kind of research before with the possible visitors of the event and what I had to do was to carry out a quick research about the target audience of the event based on the years to.

The event describes itself as the "Coachella of Business". Global leaders meet regularly, share their knowledge and can exchange information.

Based on this information we have drawn a profile of most visitors.
After performing this analysis we begin the process of creating space.Taking into account that all the pages would be viewed on Ipads during the whole event.

And besides a vertical touch screen, we had to analyse and structure the content in a way that would work well on both platforms.
First Steps (2)
Based on all the information received from both the event organisation and the stakeholders, the solution found was the creation of an interactive landing page with videos to demonstrate all of Zurich's ecosystems.

- Mobility
- Smart Home
- Travel
- Wellcare
- Digital Agent
The final Design
With an extremely interactive landing page with videos, animations that matched the environment created for the event we broadcast exactly what the stakeholders expected. An ambiance and an innovative and technological design.
The final Design

Often starting a project without having a research is necessary, what we have to do is adapt and work with what we have.

And that's what I did in this project, we created a page based on information from possible visitors and I'm very happy to say it was a success.

800 event visitors

98% Positive feedback obtained from the exit survey.